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Fortnite Battle Royale : How To Get V Bucks For Free, Without Human Verification

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Fortnite is one of the best Battle Royale games that are available for all platforms like Xbox Consoles, PlayStation, Computers and iOS devices. This game is not available for Android Devices but it is confirmed by Epic Games that they will launch this game on Android too. So, if you are looking to play this game on your android device, then you have to wait a bit.

There are V Bucks in this game that is a premium currency and is used to get any equipment and resource in the game to perform well. These V-bucks can be purchased with the money. But if you want to get free v bucks, then this article is for you.

Here Are The Best Methods To Get Free V Bucks 2018

Here you will be finding the ways that can help you to get free vbucks. So without further due, find out below how to get free v bucks:

Login Daily and Get Free vbucks as a Reward

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These days most of the popular games offer rewards for the users who log in daily to their game. Same is with the Fortnite game. When you log in daily in the game, you will get free character accessories, skin and a lot of v bucks for free. The reward for every day is different. Means one day you can get character accessories and the other day anything else. But within a week, there are a lot of chances that you can get vbucks. So login daily and get vbucks as a reward.

Get vbucks from daily Quests

earn vbucks using daily quests-min

Just like the daily login reward system, this is another best way to get fortnite free v bucks. In the game, there are daily missions. When you complete these missions, you will get rewarded by vbucks. You can earn up to 150 vbucks by completing these missions. There are three missions that you need to complete daily and the reward for each mission is 50 vbucks. Also, if you find that you are unable to complete any mission, you can simply skip it and that mission will be replaced by the new one. Moreover, there is no time frame at all, which means, you can play whenever you want but within a day.

Get vBucks from the In-Game Events

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This is similar to the quests in the game but with live events, you can earn up to 800 vbucks. Events are a type of general tasks and by completing them; you can get vbucks as a reward. There are many live events running on the game for the whole day and you can take part in any of these to earn vbucks.

There are some third parties that offer such events to earn free v bucks fortnite. Beware of them as these events are only available on the game and on the developers’ website. So don’t take part in any event that is outside the game.

Earn vBucks by Leveling up on Collection Book

get free v-bucks using collection book rewards-min

This is another way to get some free vbucks. If you collect and place various elements like Defenders, Survivors, Heroes, and Schematics etc. in the collection book, will level up your collection book and as a reward, you will earn vbucks.

Get vbucks by Completing Home base Storm Shield Missions

homebase storm shield missions for free v bucks-min

By completing hombase Storm Shield missions, you can get 50 vbucks. All you need is to complete at least one homebase Storm Shield mission and as a reward, you will get 50 vbucks. So, complete these missions daily and earn some vbucks. If you have completed all you storm shield mission, then you still have a chance to get more vbucks. You can complete your friends’ storm shield missions in case you have completed yours but want to earn more vbucks. You can do this by getting his permission. But if you do so, you will be rewarded only and not your friend. He will get nothing for this.

Complete Major Story Quests and Get vbucks

Story quests on fortnite for free v bucks-min

These are also the ones that can let you get some vbucks for free. If you think these are not as important, then you are wrong. You should complete them as you can get up to 100 vbucks by completing such quests. So, when you are really looking to get vbucks, do complete these quests, especially when you don’t have any other option to get v-bucks.

Side Quests can also get you some vbucks

Yes, just like the Major Story Quests, these can also help you to get vbucks. Just complete these Side Quests and get rewarded with vbucks. You may not get a lot of vbucks by completing such quests, but still completing daily can increase your vbucks amount.

Keep Updated With the New Events and Latest Rewarding Tasks

As we know fortnite are one of the most popular games and the developers of the game trying their best to make it even better. For that, they keep updating the Rewarding tasks, especially for the users that don’t want to purchase the vbucks. So, it is good to stay updated about all the latest news and rewarding tasks. For that, you can check the official website and forums.

Go Here : Epic Games – Forum

Buy VBucks When There Is Discount on Them

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You may be finding this point useless as you are looking for the ways to get them for free. But, this is another way that can help you to get free vbucks. There are always some offers on buying vbucks like you can get 1500 vbucks free on buying 5000 vbucks. So, here if you buy vbucks, you are going to get 1500 vbucks for free by purchasing 5000 vbucks. Do consider this option too to get free vbucks.

Unlock items Worth 3500 vbucks by Purchasing Season Battle Pass

We all play fortnite to get all the equipment and accessories available so that we can do well in the game. For that, we need to collect as many vbucks as we can to purchase such things. But, what if we tell you that you can unlock the items worth 3500 vbucks with around 1000 vbucks? Yes, you can get this. All you need is to purchase a Season Battle Pass and these items will be unlocked. You can purchase it with real currency or with vbucks.

GPT Method

This option to get vbucks is only for those who play fortnite on their gaming consoles. Anyone can take part in Get Paid To (GPT) system and can earn various gift cards. In these gift cards, vbucks are also available for fortnite. To get vbucks using this method, you need to sign up on any GPT platform. There you need to do several simple tasks like shopping and surfing the internet from their platform, playing games, reviewing products and taking part in the surveys.

You will get GPT points when you complete these tasks and these GPT points are redeemable at the fortnite and you can use these to get vbucks.

Buy Full Game Fortnite Save the World

If you are a regular buyer of the fortnite vbuck packs, then this method is best for you to get a lot of vbucks. The reason is when you purchase the Save the World Mode you will get double the rewards from each of the ways we listed here. So, with just one time investment, you can get a lot of vbucks with the methods listed here. Also, switching from Battle Royale Mode to Save the World Mode will get you unlimited gifts, better gameplay option, and many more goodies.

Free v Bucks Generator – Spam or Real?

While searching for free v bucks no human verification,  you must have found some sources that offer you free vbucks. They say that their Free vbucks generator can generate a lot of free vbucks, but, all this is nothing but a hoax. There is no chance for anyone to create such vbucks generators as vbucks are the source of income for the fortnite developers and they cannot let anyone to hack this. So if you find such sources, don’t trust them. Epic games has already warned its users that using such vbucks generator can harm you as they can inject any virus in your device. So, it is best to not use such sources. Moreover, all these sources are illegal.

Here are some of the illegal & spam websites we found.







So, above mentioned are some ways that can help you to get vbucks for free. Remember that, using hacks and cheats to get vbucks can permanently ban your account. Also, doing this can lead you to some serious legal issues. So, if you are trying to get more vbucks, just stick with the methods mentioned here, and, don’t ever use the third party websites, application, and tools etc. that are not a part of fortnite to get vbucks.

Moreover, there is no any other way to get vbucks quickly. If you really want to get a lot of vbucks in a few days, then the best option is to just purchase them instead of using the wrong methods.

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